Shopping Like its $19.99

Shopping Like it’s $19.99 with Katie – You’ll recognize these vintners

I’m relying on some of my favorite wineries today; you’ll recognize the labels, but I’ve tried different varieties.

For $7.99, again, let’s hear it for Herding Cats! I apologize if this is getting old for you, but I just couldn’t resist trying one more wine by this fantastic value from South Africa. This week I opened the 2007 Herding Cats Chardonnay/Viognier, which is one of my favorite wine blends around. In my opinion, these two grapes go together like peanut butter and chocolate. In this particular wine, the fruity flavors from the Chardonnay perfectly complement the floral characteristics of the Viognier. This wine is delightful and, I’ll say it one more time, it’s only $7.99! For dinner tonight, we had turkey tacos, and this Herding Cats was great with it! Who says that you have to eat something fancy in order to enjoy wine with dinner? Not me! With two young boys in our house, fancy dinner doesn’t happen that often.

My second selection this week comes from another one of my favorite wineries, Bogle. I’ve said it before here and I’ll say it again: they make great wine at a fantastic price point. This week, I tried their 2005 Petite Sirah, which I found on sale at World Market for $10.99. I don’t open the “big reds” that often. As I’ve just said, we don’t usually eat a fancy dinner (code for, dinner is usually chicken of some sort), so I usually lean towards a white wine or a lighter-bodied red to pair with my meal. I do love a good steak, though. I really love a good steak. When I grill a New York Strip, you know that there will be a big red wine involved. This week, I had that grilled steak with the 2005 Bogle Petite Sirah and it paired wonderfully. The wine, with its inky color, was jammy and fruity and a little bit oaky and just so perfectly meant to be enjoyed with a steak. It made me want to have steak for dinner every night. If our two boys weren’t eating us out of house and home, maybe we could afford to eat steak every day; but they are, and we can’t. When that New York Strip or Tenderloin goes on sale at Earth Fare, though, I’m all over it, and I’ll make sure that I’ve got a bottle of this Bogle on hand when that happens.

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