In my wine writer series, I’ve decided to write about The Big One. Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing that I can write about Robert Parker that hasn’t already been written. Only he holds the most personal, secret details of his own life that none of us have the right to know. The only thing that I could possibly contribute is my own personal opinions about this wine writing icon, so here goes…

As the Internet levels the playing field in all aspects of our daily lives, the value that Robert M. Parker, Jr. has developed through the years within the wine world will not (and cannot) be diminished… in my humble opinion.

Interestingly, all he’s done is to just follow his passion, versus following an established comfort zone, one for which he was also well trained. He pulled a paradigm shift in his life, and off he went with the reinvent!

Imagine, if you will, just doing what you love to do and it ends up making you the most prominent person in your field in the entire world. This will never be done this way again in the wine world. It would be like reinventing Buddha.

That’s to his credit.

Also, to his credit is that he tastes wine, decides how he feels about it, and then writes about it.

What’s amusing to me is that each of us has that exact same power inside of us; however, we weren’t the first to do what he did – think it and then write it – so the pedestal where Parker resides is exclusive to him, and to him alone. He’ll live long after he’s gone, having left an important footprint in the civilizing of many people; wine is very civilizing after all is said and done.

Being on top this way has its dangers from those who would love to topple his empire. [Aren’t we interesting souls wanting things we can’t have, so we behave badly… thinking that’s the solution… Anyone who’s raised a child sees this almost daily as we help our children develop healthy social negotiating skills and personal paradigms.]

My hat’s off to the man who has led the way for so many… Get yourself a bottle and toast to his palate and to your own. It is what it is, and so’s yours! Enjoy life with wine, and remember it was he who found an inroad to putting his thoughts into words, and the world embraced his as an ultimate authority. Many came before him, and many will come after… Some how he’s become the same star in wine that Mozart became in music, that Lincoln became in politics, etc. He’s not the only one, but he’s an iconoclast.