Shopping Like its $19.99

Shopping Like it’s $19.99 with Katie – two great wines for $16.98.

This week, I’ve found two great wines for $16.98. I realize that I’ve left some money on the table this week, since my objective is to find two value wines for $19.99 or less. All the better, I say!

This week, I’ll start with one of my favorite California Sauvignon Blancs. Bogle’s 2006 Sauvignon Blanc normally retails for $9.99, but I found it for $8.99 at World Market. I love the green color of this wine, which just seems to smell green with its nose of fresh grass and lime. On the palate it is crisp and fruit-forward, which is a result of the 100% stainless steel fermentation. This wine is a summer staple in my fridge, but I didn’t want to wait until summer to talk about it here. Bogle is one of my favorite California wineries because every variety that they produce is, in my opinion, a value. By that, I mean that I think that their wines taste as if they could be priced higher, but (thankfully) aren’t.

Next, I thought that I’d leave California wine country for a bit and explore a South African wine called Herding Cats. They make three different wines, all of which are priced at $7.99, all of which are blends, and they say that they’ve “herded together known varieties with quintessential South African varieties that compliment each other.” I chose to try the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz. This is a young wine that is a blend of 80% Cab and 20% Shiraz, and it was 100% stainless steel fermented. On the palate, I noticed typical Cabernet Sauvignon flavors of cherry and cassis, with a peppercorn kick from the Shiraz. There is a layer of berry flavor, which also comes from the Shiraz. The tannins are soft, and it’s just enjoyable from start to finish.

Speaking of finish, I initially opened the bottle five days ago (on Saturday, as I’m writing this on Thursday evening,) had another glass on Sunday, and let it sit on the kitchen counter after re-applying the screw-cap until today. I just poured some for myself, and it’s still delicious! If we’re talking about value, let’s talk about the fact that I didn’t finish this bottle within a day or two of opening it, and I’m able to enjoy it now…five days later . As somebody whose husband isn’t a red wine drinker, this is a big plus. I’m afraid to say out loud that I’d pay more for this wine, because maybe those folks at Herding Cats are listening, but I’ll say it. If I ever see it on sale, I’ll have to buy an entire case of it. It’s so worth it.

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