On the Prowl for a Great Wine? Herding Cats Delivers… as critter label purchases continue to soar

Here’s one for every day enjoyment; easy on both the palate and the pocketbook!

Herding Cats is a very affordable wine being offered from South Africa at only $7.99 a 750 ml bottle!

Over the recent holidaze, my family and I just enjoyed the 2007 Herding Cats Chardonnay | Viognier. We found it to be a really refreshing, easy apperitif before our exotically prepared Christmas dinner.

Critter labels, from the time they were whimsically introduced until now, are still out-pacing normal market growth. According to recent AC Nielsen statistics, wine brands with animals on the label are up by 10 percent, versus an overall three percent market increase for wine (in general) for a 52 weeks period.

Animal lovers who are still casually discovering wine, and aren’t sure what to buy, are gravitating toward wine labels with animals as their iconic logos; hence, Herding Cats, Pinot Evil, Fish Eye, et al are all doing really well with those who are just looking for wine… period.

There’s even an over-the-top (yet really-well-done) Website devoted to Critter Wines.

The millennial crowd, which has yet to form strong bonds from personal experiences with wines, will mostly purchase what strikes their fancy. And, that’s gonna be a fancy critter label, if what A.C. Nielsen researchers have found continues to be true for label choices.

If labels are eye candy, then critters are the wrappers for this new generation of wine consumers. The prices are right, and the packages just draw them in.

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