Every year we go through this exercise, because the beginning of a new calendar year makes us want a sparkling new start, leaving behind what no longer works.

The only one I really remember working was when I resolved to quit smoking cigarettes. Leading into that period, I began to slow down (from two packages a day). I was hooked and really angry with the tobacco industry for doing that to me. I was resolved to turn anger into action. Years after quitting, I then watched my dad pass away from the effects of living with emphysema, experiencing four massive coronaries (the fourth one was the one that finally did him in), and a stroke that debilitated his last ten or so years of life… I’ve been thrilled that I had the gumption.

Oh yeah, I also remember that I was resolved and did stop my childhood fingernail biting habit… I did that one when I was about 12 years old. Funny how puberizing forces us to turn a new leaf.

So, how does a wine writing junkie face the new year? Wanting to slow down the writing? Nope, I’m hopelessly addicted to this one (for now).

I’m resolving to write more children’s stories, and there won’t be any mentions of wine in them… Or will there be?

There’s an amazing book that’s already been written. The Grapes Grow Sweet. It’s so good, in fact, that my friend Laurie Jones – who owns a vineyard with her husband Robert – burns through this book with her sons. Because it’s part of who they are, working a vineyard, her young boys can relate to the tales; therefore, the book’s their favorite.

Another friend, Corinne Reichel, is the book’s publisher, so when the Jones boys burn though another copy, Corinne helps me to get signed copies to them.

Now, The Grapes Grow Sweet is in another printing that’s been refreshed. The cover is going to be different, colors are going to be even brighter, and children will continue to learn about farming in a vineyard through this delightful story.
Honestly, when I started to write this blog entry, I had no idea where it was going to go. This is just a stream of consciousness entry, although the book has been on my mind lately.

So, I really resolve to have more play in my life this coming year. There, I worked that one out. I think the kids’ stories will help with that! Off to finish Mr. Adventure’s Christmas Assignment from Santa!