If you’ve read a few of the stories within this blog, you already know that I’m drawn to art. The following images aren’t decked with jingle bells and holly. They simply are what they are… Fine art being presented during the holiday season.

Spectacular Wineries of Napa

There’s a gorgeous new publication by Panache that’s been released, Spectacular Wineries of Napa Valley: A Captivating Tour of Established, Estate, and Boutique Wineries.

Suggested Retail: $34.95

Black Coyote Chateau, one of my clients, is included in this really well done, coffee table book. In the four pages devoted to Black Coyote, I have several images included of that classically understated, elegant Napa location. I’ve been very fortunate to photograph Black Coyote on several occasions, and the timing was right for inclusion.

The publishers were very clever, playing to the value of self for each winery. Each winery within the book received a limited number of copies with their very own winery on the slip cover (front and back) and the internal flaps.

Black Coyote’s version

This image is of Black Coyote Chateau’s cover. (The book is a little large for easy scanning; however, this gives you enough of an idea.) When you see this publication in book stores, you’re going to see the cover of Hall, Rutherford. Then, when you visit the individual wineries in this book, you may see a completely different cover (of that winery). I’m telling you this so you’ll be clear that there’s only one book, but there are 46 different covers, because the book includes 46 prominent Napa wineries.

The launch party for this book was held at Hall’s Rutherford location amid the legendary Sacrashe vineyard. This is where and when I was introduced to their luxurious, artful side. I usually travel with a camera.. always behind (rarely in front of) the lens.

What follows is the best of what I photographed that day. If you love art, too, enjoy!