This one’s about Zork®, a real sleeper, but I’m thinking not for long. (Forgive me… It’s a bad pun, but it was just so easy. Being born and living for over 40 years in Maine, I spent a lot of time with French immigrant families, including my own… The accent just brings me back home.)

It all started with a new trade member to the PS I Love You group, Zork® USA, about a month ago. Zork USA

Zork® defines itself as a closure that snaps onto traditional cork-mouth wine bottles, offering the convenience of a screw cap and the pop of a cork! (But, it’s not a cork, it’s a ZORK.)

Well, who wouldn’t want to hear about that one, so I E-mailed my new contact Beth Cozza to learn more, asking, “Who’s using the closure?” I wanted to hear it for myself.

Beth immediately returned my E-Mail with the following info:

“We have several wineries using ZORK in the United States and several more that are imported from Australia. As for US brands, Don Sebastiani & Sons bottles with ZORK for Plungerhead, Hey Mambo, Leese-Fitch, and more to come. In addition, Deerfield Ranch uses ZORK on their Sauvignon Blanc and will be bottling some additional varietals under ZORK in the spring. Lastly, there are several small boutique wineries in N. California and across the country that bottle using ZORK. Also available in the US are a few wines under ZORK that are imported from Australia. Red Knot and Woop Woop would be two of the Austalian brands more widely available in the US.”

So, there you go; enough brands for you to look for as a New Year’s Eve popper!

I took it a step further, because I’m close to so many sources, and I called Don Sebastiani and Sons (The Other Guys), opting to speak to Donny. I know that Don Sebastiani has brought in his sons to be his partners. It’s created a lot of energy in this company, because they appear to be just as interested as their father in this business, and aren’t just functioning as “this is what we do, but we’d really rather just be fill-in-the-blank.”

According to Donny, “We’re continually improving on packaging, subtle filtrations, etc., all of the latest technology and innovations that benefit the wines. We appreciate tactile packaging, up front things… Zork® doesn’t require a tool, yet it’s still engaging. Opening a bottle in a restaurant is still done table side, and Zork® allows for a fun, celebratory experience. We’re committed to the Zork® closure.”

For celebrating New Year’s Eve, Champagne corks aren’t going to be the only bottles popping, anymore. Look out for Zork®!