Shopping Like it’s $19.99 with Katie

Link: Menu for Hope auction lot details

Katie Kelley once said to me, “I can’t always smell lemon grass or saddle leather like Melanie, but I sure can smell a sale!

I knew there was a place for that somewhere on this site, and so we talked about the possibilities.

On Friday, December 21, Juicy Tales is going to launch Katie’s contribution to this wine blog for Fridays, just as you head into the weekend to purchase your food and wine for the coming week:

Shopping Like it’s $19.99.

If ever there was anyone intent on finding the best deals available, it’s Katie Kelley. And, she’ll be on a mission to find wines where she’ll get two bottles or a box (since it’s a four bottle equivalent) that together will never go over $19.99.

It’s going to be a Two-fer under $20 posting, as she sniffs out the best deals being offered for everyday “house” wines! –jo diaz

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