Happy Thanksgiving! So much wine, so little time, so many to thank…

As I get ready for a day of sharing and love with my family, it is because of this past year’s labor that we have so much to celebrate.

Before I list the wine companies that are possible to be on our table, I’d first like to thank another blogger. This morning, as I opened my “dashboard” sign in page, in the upper right hand corner I spotted the following:

Latest Activity

To find myself on someone else’s list (in this case it’s Winehiker Witiculture) is humbling. I’m thankful for others, because it is they who have made me who I am… A reflection of their successes.

I’m also thankful for those who read this blog. It is people like you, Cyril Penn, Darryl Miller et al, who validate that my writing style holds some interest beyond my own musings. My husband Jose just told me that he’d like to be inside my head for a day, to glimpse the world as I see it… Jose knows that everything I see has a bit of a curve not always seen by others. I enjoy laughing at life’s peculiar behaviors.

Let me end by saying, before I run off to the kitchen to study how to create Crème brûlée for the first time ever, my greatest thankfulness for today is that I’m not a turkey… Although some may argue that!

My personal wine list preference:

And, how all wine deserves to be stored?

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