Happy Halloween ~ Napa Style

Trick or treat! That’s about to happen under cover of the night.

I got out in the day light, however, to find and bring you the best haunts.

(Above is Oakville Grocery Store front yard.) It depends on what spectrum of spooky you rely on. And based on the images that I’m going to share with you, there seems to be something for everybody in lovely Napa Valley.

(Above is Rudd Vineyards.) There’s a favorite (?) extremist of mine that goes overboard each year… Understand, he’s not Martha Stewart’s son. Nor is his decor anything I’d want in my yard. More importantly, I’m thrilled that I’m not his neighbor, although he could be a really nice guy, and probably enjoys a great Cab with the rest of us (all due respect).

(Above is one of his neighbors. There’s a house that separates these two extreme houses on Route 29. I’m thinking the person that lives between these two is a former ambassador for the UN.)

But Scary Barry’s really good at being bad. That’s the thing. It’s art, and in each eye of the beholder, it plays itself out.

A month prior to Halloween, Scary Barry’s out there every day fine tuning his harrowing front yard on Route 29. (I don’t know his name, but it’s fun to write fiction.) Frankly, if my kids were still young, we’d be jumping over his house. But honestly… I’m thinking he can’t be all that bad, or he’d be hiding this side of him, versus letting everyone in St. Helena know he’s a closet scary dude. Yes, he limps around his yard; and no, there’s no Santa and Reindeer that will be replacing this macabre scene any time soon… Like within the next two months.

It is what it is.

See, I told you, he’s good at being bad. If I were to translate this into wine, I’d say, “Either a full-throttle, round-body-parts bustin’ Petite Sirah (I prefer to be dainty, but you know what I mean) or a Super-duper Tuscan.”

On the lighter side, here’s something for the girls, again! Happy Halloween, and be safe. If you’re brave enough to visit Scary Barry, report back to us, okay? I’m still on the fence with this one!

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