This is the period I think of as the Holidaze. I’m as guilty as the next person for turning these next two months into “gearing up” for the big ones. I was born four days before Christmas, that’s my excuse. I love the time between now and New Years Day.

It’s a time of great abundance and selfless giving.

I’ve come to know a person who’s reached out to me through this blog, Sorin Mihailovici. If it has to do with wine, Sorin’s letting me know when he’s produced a new video. I just got another Email, and told him that I’m in a grieving process, and this particular video – giving me time to gather my wits again – would be great for the holidays… “As a public service announcement,” thought I. I let Sorin know…

Well, his response was, “Or… Halloween?”

There you go. Just when you can’t think clearly or see light at the end of the tunnel, along comes the voice of reason.
Tomorrow marks the time of lead-in partying… Children can hardly wait to don their new personas. Adults have hit those costume stores and stripped the racks of anything worth becoming… And off we all go.

Do yourself a favor (or, better yet, do someone else a favor), and become the designated driver.

This video says it all…

Death Doesn’t Knock at the Door