Unlike our ole pal Kermie, who though it wasn’t easy being green, it is easy… You just have to think a little bit more about what you’re doing, and how it’s going to impact the future.

I’ve been thinking lately… “What’s the environmental impact of wine packaging.” I’ve bought into the boxed wine concept for a lot of reasons. I’ve actually been thinking about doing the research for a comparison, thinking that the box is less waste material than glass bottles. Let’s see… 3-liter box versus four bottles… Hum. But there just hasn’t been enough free time to do more than wonder.

Last week I visited my daughter Katie and her family. When I opened her refrigerator for water, right beside the container of filtered water was a box of Killer Juice Chardonnay! God bless her… She’s proofed enough of my writings that she’s just taken to heart the boxed wine concept through my ramblings.

It was also an eye opener to be talking with her neighbors, and when I mentioned the boxed wine concept, their initial reaction was one that suggested that the wine within the box is somehow an inferior product. Honestly, they just hadn’t been exposed yet to how wonderful (and environmentally sound) box wine is… Converts? Possibly. It might take more time for them to think about it, but anyone with small children are in a more “sped up” consciousness program than the older crowd.

So, on Tuesday, October 23, 2007… There it all was on Wine Business Daily’s home page. ”

The Wine Group Launches Pioneering “Green” Packaging Initiative

A new wine initiative, targeted at retailers aiming to meet corporate mandates to reduce packaging waste was announced today by David Kent, CEO of The Wine Group. “The wine industry is perhaps the most vulnerable of any food and beverage producer to ‘carbon criticism,’ due to its historical reliance…”

Finally… The “Green Story” for which I’ve longed!

I blog for pleasure, not as billable hours. This means I don’t have copious hours to research and develop too many independent concepts.

[Google ads to the right might suggest that this is a money making blog. Nope! They’ve perhaps earned about $15 in the last seven months, but there’s no check until it reaches $100. Plus, I’ve already promised any money to Hasan, my Webmaster son-in-law, who wanted to launch ads because he thought it could make money. If it ever does, he can have it.]

So, God bless The Wine Group’s heart for tapping into UC Davis’ research department on this one for us all. This chart is awesome, and should convince a few of you to belly-up-to-the-wine-box for your personal wine needs!

Check out this chart for energy comparisons.

Sunday through Thursday nights, I’m all over this. On the weekends, when wining and dining with friends, I’m not going to be hefting my box of wine into a restaurant… However, how would the restaurant position “Corkage” for this one? Think about it… You just put the box on the table, and everyone takes turns turning the spigot! Sound like a blast to me! Would it be charged off as “Turnage?”

“The Wine Group, The World’s Most Cost and Carbon Efficient Winery, Launches Pioneering ‘Green’ Packaging Initiative”
Assists Retailers to meet Corporate Environmental Goals

Just look at the green advantages of this one. It speaks volumes for those of us who care.

The entire PDF press release of this story can be found at this location: Better Wines for a Better World PDF

The Website dedicated to this concept: Better Wines for a Better World

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this research!