Le Gourmet TV ~ A great outlet for wine video opportunities & viewing

A new Website has been launched, and it’s video based. (Internet Television Channel). It provides programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a focus on gourmet food and beverages (including wine). Videos are arranged in several ‘streams’: wine, beer, cheese, b-b-q, cooking, and field to table.

Le Gourmet TV started as most great ideas do… A couple of friends sitting around talking about what they would do if they were broadcasters; “What the world really needs is a video on demand channel all about Wine, Beer, and Food.”

Within weeks of that conversation, Glen Powell had laid the groundwork for LeGourmet.tv, a niche-market Internet Television Channel (ITV) designed to appeal to both connoisseurs and casual fans of Wine, Beer, Cheese, BBQ, and everything food related. He teamed with colleagues who work in the film production / advertising industry, to launch the channel on October 12, 2007.

Today it’s innovation. Tomorrow its mainstream. For today, it’s worth your time and effort to see what’s happening with this well thought-out resource.

According to Glen Powell, “More than anything, I see LeGourmet.tv as a chance to create programming for a sophisticated, thoughtful viewer. I want to draw people in and give them information on a subject that’s beyond what traditional TV media can, because of time constraints. The channel is always there, showing what you want to see, when you want to see it, as many times as you want. You also have the opportunity to follow links that will take you deeper into the subject.

“LeGourmet.tv will be a self-contained, advertising-driven, internet TV channel devoted to Food and Beverage and aimed squarely at fans from novice to connoisseur. Unlike other IPTV networks that require you to sign-up, or even pay to view content, we’ll be free. This is based on the TV broadcasting model that has worked for years – advertisers will pay for the opportunity to put their message in front of our viewers, this will in turn fund the programs.”

For now, enjoy the free ride.

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