When it comes to some subject matter, I’d rather just let images do the talking. Images of harvest is one of those times.

It’s impossible to say very much, because it’s the people themselves who say so much with a look…

Or, simply not looking but remaining intent on their task. What they do strikes me as so powerful. It’s so removed from when we’re enjoying a glass of wine, but without their dedication none of us would be having that glass of wine.

The work is intense and fast. There are still moments of camaraderie, and now I’ve discovered a tender moment, even, when a male worker emptied his bin, returned to be by his wife’s side, placed his empty bin at her feet, and then ran with her heavy, full bin to dump it into the waiting gondola. I just smiled at him and said, “Bueno hombre.” He smiled back at me, and then went right back to his focused labor.

Thankfully, no one minded if I snapped away, so I did. It was great to be outside also faced with harvest…

We have to thank an extraordinary couple, Patti and Charlie Youngclaus of Vista Creek Vineyard, for driving us into their Paso Robles vineyard, and allowing us to be part of the harvest they faced. [Charlie’s pictured above on the left.]

Here’s to all of the people who continue to face the harvest of 2007!