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Melanie’s Wednesday Wines ~ October 3, 2007

Melanie Hoffman

Certain people you meet in life exude class and distinction; Jim White is one of those people. He graciously welcomed me into his home for a chance to taste his wine Manifesto!. But, not only did I have the opportunity to taste the wine, I also got to know a great man. If you know Jim, you know all about his rock n’ roll door bell. I was envious. I know what I want for my next birthday. We sat down and enjoyed the experience of Manifesto!. When we were done sipping the wine and talking all about it and life in general, he pulled me an espresso made from beans he had roasted that morning. Being a former barista, I can appreciate a fine espresso, and Jim knows the art of pulling a perfect espresso with a crema that lasts to the final sip.

Manifesto!, 2006 Sauvignon Blanc, Suisun Valley ~ Bouquet of honeysuckle, apricots and Genoa fig, with trailing aromas of passion fruit. Palate opens with lemongrass and mint that evolve into peaches mid-palate. The clean fruit finish lingers with the passion fruit carrying over and an added touch of mineral and fresh fig flavors. $13.00

Jim White began his relationship with his winemaker, Jamey Whetstone, about ten years ago. Jamey was the manager of Mustards Grilll in Napa at that time. Over the years they kept in touch with each other. After Jamey left Mustards Grill he worked as part of the cellar team at Turley Wine Cellars, and then three years ago, he went solo. He began making wines for his own wine project, Whetstone Wine Cellars. About a year ago Jim contacted Jamey to ask if he would be interested in helping with another project. Jim wanted to make an unoaked, food-friendly wine and felt that Jamey would be perfect to help with the winemaking aspect of the process.

Jim designed the packaging and heads marketing for the wine brand, Jamey crafts the wine, and two partner-friends from South Carolina, Henri Gabriel and Peter Roy, help with distribution. Jim’s philosophy is, life is so rushed, wine should help make life simple. The Manifesto! Sauvignon Blanc is a simple wine for a complex world, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Jim’s philosophy is simple and direct. You don’t need to spend 30 bucks to have a good sauvignon blanc. You can achieve an artisan wine for less than $15.00.

Manifesto! 2006 Sauvignon Blanc is available nationally. The wine is wholesaled currently in eight states; CA, CT, IL, NC, NJ, NY and a couple others. For retail purchases Manifesto! Sauv Blanc is available in select restaurants in Napa and San Francisco as well as in Las Vegas at the Bellagio and in Atlantic City at Borgata. For more information visit Jim’s Website at www.napaman.com.

The 2006 vintage of Manifesto! Sauvignon Blanc had a total case production of 3,500. The packaging is clean, simple, and eye catching, stating the virtues of a down to earth winemaking team and their practices. And the Stelvin closure is the candle on the cake.

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