In 1896, the Foppiano family purchased the Riverside Ranch in Healdsburg. Their patriarch, Louis J. Foppiano, is now in his 96th year of life. Louis Senior continues to inspire his family, as they all carry on with the work that’s been so important to him, and his family is honoring his commitment to the wine business.

To honor the wine business icon, Lot 96 is a proprietary blend that will change with each new release, marked by Bin numbers. This inaugural launch is identified as Lot 96, Bin 001. Moderately structured, as compared to other blockbusters from Foppiano, it’s also very affordably priced at $9.99. Lot 96 is intended to be an everyday drinking wine, easily enjoyed with simple food pairings.

Bin 001 is an approximate blend of 40 percent Zinfandel, 40 percent Sangiovese, and 20 percent Petite Sirah… It’s surprisingly soft, spicy, and pretty easy drinking, considering the 20 percent addition of Petite Sirah. The PS gives it a bit of structure, while the soft Sangiovese brings it back to being quite palatable. The Zin gives it its spiciness.

Louis J. Foppiano is touched that his family is honoring him in this manner. He told me, “I was born at the winery, and have lived there all of my life. I’ve raised my family here and they’ve chosen to stay and work here, too, which is an honor to me all by itself. The fact that they’ve decided to name this new wine as a tribute to me is beyond all of my expectations. Now that Paul [Foppiano, the winery viticulturist] has a daughter Gianna, I look at her and I hope that she’ll also have a full and rewarding life at the winery, if that’s what she chooses for herself.”

The wine is going into national distribution through Foppiano’s marketing company, San Francisco Wine Exchange. There were 5,000 cases of this wine produced.