Extreme Bad Taste ~ All Around

decanter.com just published a story that shocks my world. Without completely reproducing, here’s a snippet of what I read, and you can go read the rest: Decanter.com

“Hitler” wines seized in Italy ~ September 26, 2007, by Maggie Rosen

“Italian police have confiscated bottles of wine with labels depicting Hitler and other Nazis.

“The wine, produced by Udine-based Vini Lunardelli, is from a range featuring famous – and infamous – historic figures such as Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, Napoleon and Mussolini.

“The bottles from the ‘Der Führer’ line were seized on the grounds that they constitute ‘a glorification of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity’, according to the Agence France Presse.

“Andrea Lunardelli, marketing and distribution director, said the range – launched in 1993 with labels of Che Guevara and Mussolini – was a marketing strategy to attract new customers to higher quality wine.

“‘In fact the Hitler labels were not our idea, they were specifically requested by customers in Germany and Austria,’ Lunardelli told decanter.com.”

I’m sure we’ve all been watching the news and have been equally shocked by what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes; i.e., that the Holocaust didn’t exist. So, in my twisted little mind, I’m thinking to myself, “Perhaps this wine and it’s label should flood the Iranian market?” (Tasteless joke, as this wine also is — in so many ways.)

Even though the Hitler labels were “not our idea, they were specifically requested by customers in Germany and Austria,” since when do two wrongs make a right? Can you even imagine yourself “enjoying” this wine?


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  1. D. Trott says:

    “Regarding your recent item reporting on Italian

  2. jo says:

    All’s fair in love and war…

  3. jo says:

    “It IS real. It’s a story that I picked up reading the Decanter Web site. I was equally rattled when I read it. First of all

  4. Is this real? I knew a woman with numbers on her arm and she was the sole survivor of Auschwitz. I wonder what she would say.

  5. I meant to say she was the sole survivor of her family but I was rattled writing that.