Harvest blessing ~ The Rev. Dr. John Staten ~ Celebrating 30 Years of Winemaking & Communing at Field Stone Winery

Who better to bless harvest than an ordained minister? And how much better could this very special day of winemaking be, than having that minister be an “in house” man-of-the-cloth?

Years ago, the Rev. Dr. John Staten was practicing as an ordained minister. His wife Katrina Staten is the daughter of vintner Wallace Johnson of Field Stone. When Wallace passed away, John’s career became dual, as Katrina and John inherited Field Stone Winery. To this day, John has a segmented day with very beautiful philosophies, both as a minister and as a vintner. I love having high conversations with John, because he’s very close to the source, and we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. He’s inspiring, altruistic, and a dear friend.

A few years ago, John created a second brand, called Convivio, and explained at the time, “It’s something new, but with old roots that reach back to early biblical times, when the special wine used for religious celebrations was the same wine enjoyed at tables in every home and public gathering place.”

John initially wanted to create a wine that could be used by churches in their Communion services and at their congregational gatherings. It had to be affordable, it had to reflect the benchmark quality of their Field Stone Alexander Valley Cabernets and Merlots, and through its proceeds it had to reach out to another community in need; hence, Convivio.

The Italian name “Convivio” comes from “convivium,” the Latin word for feast or banquet, meaning literally, “with-life”. “Here was a name,” according to Staten, “that more that any other word evokes that sense of enlivening connectedness we experience when we gather around a table to share bread and wine and the substance of our lives with one another.” The back label also affirms that a portion of the proceeds of each bottle is given to the Alliance Medical Clinic, a non-profit medical center that serves farm workers and their families in Healdsburg, California.

. . . And for Everyday Communing