Louis M. Foppiano Honored by PS I Love You ~ Phenominal Service Award

Left to Right: Past President Dave Pramuk of Robert Baile Vineyards and Louis M. Foppiano of Foppiano Vineyards

PS I Love You conducted its Annual Meeting on August 6, 2007. At this meeting, Louis M. Foppiano, of Foppiano Vineyards, received the second annual Phenomenal Service Award. Louis was chosen because, as last year’s President Dave Pramuk (Robert Biale Vineyards) so succinctly put it, “None of us would be here, if it weren’t for Lou. He started the Petite Sirah Symposium, and PS I Love You is a direct result of attendees taking action when Lou gave his blessings for an advocacy group to get started.” The industry, as well as PS I Love you, owes a debt of gratitude to Louis M. Foppiano. This year’s award is a way of letting Louis know that his efforts are appreciated.

This award was created because the group’s focus is one of education more than any thing else. The Petite Sirah Symposium, which was Lou’s brainchild, has been instrumental in not only the distribution of information about this American Heritage cultivar, but also in creating a spirit of camaraderie among Petite Sirah producers. A great amount of Petite Sirah’s success as a variety in the United States can certainly be attributed to the Foppiano family, and to Louis M. Foppiano’s tireless efforts.

The PSILY board of directors proudly announced this recognition, and applauded Louis’s efforts on behalf of a variety for which they are all passionate. In 2003, both Louis J. Foppiano and Jim Concannon were awarded “Lifetime Achievement” awards. In 2006, Patty Bogle, of Bogle Winery, was the recipient of the group’s Phenomenal Service Award. Louis M. Foppiano now joins an illustrious group of accomplished and passionate Petite Sirah producers.

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