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Foppiano Vineyards Sixth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium: “Pet” Project of the Passionate

The following is a scrapbook of images from the day….
From the days when Louis Foppiano said, “I want to have another Petite Sirah Symposium,” (he had one once that was a very small gathering to discuss Petite Sirah), to where it has grown today… the growth of the variety as a vintner’s “Pet” project tells the complete story.

Consider that when the first symposium was orchestrated in 2002, we only had a database for Petite Sirah growers and producers that totaled 62 companies. We had 40 people on the property that first year, and we’ve watched the numbers quietly grow.

This year, the database for PS I Love You member companies surpasses that original 62 growers and producers combined! My current database has grown to 384 producers with 114 growers, including nurseries and vineyards. It’s only been five years and the growth (for something so cult) is pretty amazing.

Aldo Biale (left) and Jeff Cohn (right) in deep discussion during the tasting.

The symposium draws the best and the brightest in the business. Dennis Fife said this year, “Nearly everybody of substance seems to be in this room right now.” How true…

L to R: Louis Foppiano, Paul Foppiano, Monty Paulsen of Rosenblum

This year’s agenda was the following, and with the following industry leaders:

WELCOME ~ Louis M. Foppiano

SESSION I: MARKETING ~ Christian Miller, Full Glass Research: Statistical growth of Petite Sirah, and where is seems to be headed

SESSION II MARKETING ~ Dennis Fife, Fife Vineyards: Petite Sirah… Marketing a cult variety

Christian Miller & Dennis Fife

SESSION III HERITAGE CLONE VINEYARD ~ UPDATE from Patty Bogle, Bogle VineyardsMike Anderson, and Dr. James Wolpert, both from the University of California at Davis

L to R: Mike Anderson, Patty Bogle, Jim Wolpert

SESSION IV ENOLOGY ~ Jeff Cohn, JC Cellars: Yeast strains, and the flavors they’ll impart to the wine

Brian Geagan

SESSION V PRODUCT OPTIONS ~ Brian Geagan, Canton Cooperage: Spice Rack options, cooperage French versus American oak. Attendees tasted comparisons of a French and American Oak crafted Petite Sirah for comparison. Foppiano and Field Stone Winery wines were the wines tasted. Winemakers Patrick Murray of Field Stone and Foppiano’s Bill Regan added to the discussions.

Paul Foppiano

SESSION VI VITICULTURE, PART I ~ Paul Foppiano, Foppiano Vineyards: The advantages of mechanical harvesting

Bill Regan with the “Pets”

BEST OF THE PETS TASTING: Bill Regan, Host | Winemaker, Foppiano


David Gates

SESSION VII VITICULTURE, PART II ~ David Gates, Ridge Vineyards: The advantages of head pruned vines


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