Dr. Toad ~ I’m going to miss a great guy

When I first met Todd Williams of Toad Hollow, it was in Burlington, Vermont back in the 1990s. He was with Frankie, his wife. I was with Merry Matukonis, my sister.

The four of us left the festival that night, and went off to have dinner (my treat), then to catch a movie (their treat). True friendship begun. We had a ball.

His winery, on Westside Road in Healdsburg, was across the street from Belvedere where I was working. We were neighbors in California, who had to meet in Vermont… You know how that goes.

There was something eerily familiar about him. Then, he shared that his half brother was Robin Williams. Aha! There it was. If you only looked at his mouth, you knew instantly that you had seen that jaw a 100 times before, even if you met him for the first time – as I just had. The wit, the wisdom, the look… So Williams family.

My heart goes out to Frankie Williams, Robin Williams, and his Wonder Wiener Dog. It was Robin who called his brother “Toadie,” while there were growing up. It was their father who delivered some pretty interesting comic DNA (I’d like to have met that gentleman). And, it was an industry that embraced this true gentleman.

A public celebration of Todd’s life will be held at Richard’s Grove and Saralee’s Vineyard, 3575 Slusser Rd, Windsor, CA on August 25, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

In honor of Todd, Hawaiian shirts are certainly appropriate attire.

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