Years ago, I learned that dye removes dye. If you want to remove a coloring agent, use another coloring agent… That simple.

So, when someone accidentally gets wine on you, or you’ve spilled wine on yourself, grab the white wine. It may take a while, but it works.

I got an Email from Sorin Mihailovici, who lives in Edmonton, Canada. Sorin’s been working in a major liquor store for the last five years, is a wine enthusiast, and is currently studying TV productions at Grant MacEwan College. Mixing two passions, Sorin’s just created a couple of short movies. This one’s entitled “How to Remove Red Wine Stains.”

I’ve already told you about wine removing wine, but Sorin’s come up with another household product that also works. If you don’t have any white wine handy, this second product is another option.


How To Remove Red Wine Stains