Okay… I’m one of those people who carries a cork screw in my purse. Would you expect anything less from a former Girl Scout Day Camp director, whose mission was to teach preparedness?

No, I didn’t carry one back then. I had my hands full… clip boards, kids hanging off my arms, and a whistle around my neck that was always ready to be blown.

Who knew then that I’d segue from whine to wine?

The only time I’m without a cork screw is when I’m flying from one place to another.

I got an Email from Sorin Mihailovici, who lives in Edmonton, Canada. Sorin’s been working in a major liquor store for the last five years, is a wine enthusiast, and is currently studying TV productions at Grant MacEwan College.

Mixing two passions, Sorin’s just created a couple of short movies. This one is entitled “Open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.” This isn’t something I would have ever thought of doing; however, I feel like I’m better off for having seen this one. Enjoy!

Open A Bottle Of Wine Without Corkscrew by Sorin Mihailovici