Lifetime Achievement Awards at the California State Fair ~ Humility Reigns

L. to R.: State Fair Rep, Jim Concannon, Cal Bear, Jerry Lohr, Robert Gallo, State Fair Rep

On July 12, 2007, Jim Concannon, Jerry Lohr, and Robert Gallo were this year’s three recipients of the California State Fair’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

I had a very personal connection to this event, as it was I who nominated Jim Concannon. Having worked with Jim for the last four to five years… time slips away so quickly… I’ve come to know and greatly respect the man – Mostly for his humility factor, and also for his major (albeit quiet) contributions to and for the wine industry.

How could I not want to see him get the recognition he deserves, as he’s truly one of our great leaders?

Concannon Family (Absent from photo: Wife Helen, who was in Maine with grandchildren)

When I told Michael Bradley of the State Fair that Jim shared with me that he was humbled by the stature of the other two gentlemen with whom he was sharing the stage, Mike told me that it’s interesting to note that both of the other gentlemen had the exact same reaction, voicing the same opinion.

Jerry Lohr family

As I watched and photographed the proceedings yesterday, I was struck by what quiet leaders these three men are, and how privileged I was to be in the audience, getting choked up by what each had to say.

Robert Gallo family

There’s something very magical about what each has brought to the industry. Surrounded by freinds and family, each is due many congratulations.

Jim Concannon & John A. De Luca, Ph.D.

John Luca, PhD, a former recipient, was also present at the ceremony. It was as great a moment in history for all of us in the audience, as it was for all four of these California, wine industry leaders.

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  1. cate quigley says:

    “i was very interested in the photos of the concannon family. my great grandmother was ellenor quigley concannon

  2. jo says:

    “SPECIAL NOTE to all people with the name CONCANNON: Jim Concannon’s immediate family line were all born and remained in California. According to Jim