Two Buck Chuck ~ Walks Like a Duck

In this case, “It walks like a wine, it talks like a wine, and it obviously tastes like a wine,” so the California State Fair folks, with their blindfolds on (that’s how they taste blind), didn’t look back when this one got a double-gold medal. The weren’t worried about their reputations or credibility, they just marched forward.
I got an Email this morning from a friend/wine marketer. The email was entitled, “Fred F. has got to be laughing about this one.” Not knowing what was inside the Email, I thought, “What’s she up to now?”

When I opened it, I was met by the following headline and story (and if anyone thinks wine competitions are rigged, it’s time to think again):

“Bronco’s ‘Two Buck Chuck’ Wins Best Chardonnay at the California State Fair.’

“California Appellation Beats out Competitors 18 Times More Costly

“So-called “Two-Buck Chuck,” the $1.99 per bottle wine that is often scoffed at by wine connoisseurs because it is so cheap has won the Best Chardonnay from California at the California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition. The so-called “super value” brand with a California appellation was one of only two double-gold medal winners among 351 submitted Chardonnays. Double golds are given when two panels of four judges unanimously select it as among the best in its class.

So there you have it, my friend, Fred F. is laughing about this one… all the way to the bank!

One Response to “Two Buck Chuck ~ Walks Like a Duck”

  1. jo says:

    “I’m not sure how the red did. At the award ceremony

  2. Bill Statler says:

    Always been a fan of two-Buck-Chuck. How did his red wines do at the fair?