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Melanie’s Wednesday Wines ~ Starts Tomorrow

Each Wednesday, Melanie Hoffman, from our Diaz Communications company, is going to be reviewing wines. Being in this business brings a lot of wine samples our way. I’m old enough to know that like sports, my ability to taste (although pretty developed) is eclipsed by a younger generation. I may be old[er], but I’m not an old fool! So, I’m not going to be writing what I’m thinking, I’m spreading around the opportunity.

We’ve got great internal talent. Writing wine descriptions is one of Melanie’s really strong points. I may be wrong, but I feel that any good wine site should have occasional wine reviews. Not only do we have our clients’ samples, but there are a few companies who have sent their wines for consideration on this blog… Who am I to turn down a learning experience? I came to learn, so let the flood gates open. (I also taste all of these wines, and pretty much concur with Melanie’s descriptors.)

Finally, let me note… Yes, there will be clients’ wines written about; but in order to be one of our clients, I have to have first bought into the partnership. So, there’s my initial endorsement. They’ve passed through that portal, and there are no “dogs” in this bunch (grape pun). Life’s too short.

I love Melanie’s adjectives. She’s part of a generation who can find “a spring shower splashing delicately against a silk dress,” all in a glass of Pinot Gris. I can’t top that, nor do I want to. What I want to do is move over and let the kids have fun.

Each Wednesday, Melanie’s going to list the wines she’s explored throughout a week’s time. And I’ve asked her to pair the wine with food suggestions ~ another one of her strong points. This list will give you great ideas on hump day (does anyone say that anymore?) as you head into your weekend. Maybe you’ll even be inspired for your own food and wine explorations.

Melanie Hoffman’s been in the wine business for the last 14 years, She’s worked at Belvedere Winery, Grove Street, Windsor Vineyards (where her tasting notes were used for a lot of their printed material), The American Wine Exchange, and all of the brands that I’ve listed in my links to the right of this page. I value her evaluations, and she helps craft our wine notes.

I’m no island and have a huge support system… Melanie’s part of that system, and I trust you’re going to enjoy her reviews as much as she enjoys tasting and finding the nuances. You can e-mail Melanie at melanie@diaz-communications.com. Wine for review should be shipped to her attention at Diaz Communications, 781 Natalie Drive, Windsor CA 95492 (Tel: 707-620-0788).

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