RadCru? You had to be there…

If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, then I’m going to spare you about 13,000 of them. These are the images from RadCru’s Wine 2.0 event held in San Francisco on June 1, 2007, and I’m not going into many details, except for the next few paragraphs.

It’s a much younger demographic than I’m used to for wine tasting… all in two rooms together; however, after raising three beautiful daughters, I’ve discovered that I learn more from my kids than they’ll probably ever learn from me. So, jumping into this event, I figured that this was going to be an adventure in learning. I wasn’t disappointed.

There’s a lot a wine marketer can learn by throwing oneself into that fray. I now have a much better perspective of how young professionals are approaching wine, and they’re definitely not chug-a-lugging in the frat houses anymore.

They’re willing to sit patiently through a couple of seminars first, before they socially mingle and explore what wineries have brought to the event. Forget what the experts are saying about their attention span being born out of quick Sesame Street images, which has led to only wanting and needing sound bites… This audience was NOT restless. They couldn’t seem to get enough info.

Interestingly, we brought the only “old school” labels (alphabetically): Concannon, Field Stone, Foppiano, Oak Knoll, Silkwood, and Trentadue. We soon discovered that our company Diaz Communications was in this thing deeper than most people in the room, and we only entered the wine world 14 years ago…

Our newer brands (Alhona Vineyards, Big House by Underdog Wine Merchants, Black Coyote Chateau, Donati Family Vineyard) fit the profile of the other up-and-coming brands. There were two other wineries I recognized (and they’re younger brands), Vina Robles and Miller Wine Works. Vina Robles is one of my PS I Love You members ~ the Petite Sirah advocacy group that Louis Foppiano and I started, and Diaz Communications and Miller Wine Works work together on some marketing things.

Cameron Hughes, who I know is brilliant and has been getting a lot of great publicity, fits this demographic – so this was a perfect venue for him… The rest was for me to explore… Wine products, wine, and peripherals, including technology innovations connected to virtual marketing.

The energy was infused with totally absorbed fascination.

The group feels under marketed to, and yet I know there’s a lot of marketing that’s aimed straight at them… They just have to catch up with the subliminal messages that have been definitely hitting the target.

Case in point: When they saw Big House Red on our table, they connected the Randall Grahm dots in a flash. Today, Big House is one of the Underdog Wine Merchants brands. That’s a new dot for them, as they continue to build their own story lines. Big House had a lot of fans in this young crowd, and they don’t think anyone has noticed them? Yeah… Okay…

Frankly, it’s these kinds of events that I’m going to be paying more attention to… And, I’m hoping that the traditional “other” marketers don’t catch on too soon, because right now we’re enjoying being the big fish in a very small pond. Keep chasing your established events, Guys, and we’ll keep chasing these young’uns!

2 Responses to “RadCru? You had to be there…”

  1. Cornelius says:

    “Jo – Thanks for coming

  2. jo says:

    “Cornelius – Thanks for putting on the event. It was clear to me that you did a lot of work going into it

  3. jo says:

    “Lloyd – This Friday night group (you included) continues to amaze me. This is NOT an asleep-at-the wheel generation. I’ll definitely be talking with with about what the future holds for all of us very soon. Ah… the Bentley… “”Joe