RadCru invites You… Wine 2.0

There’s a lot of energy associated with this group. It’s young, vibrant, and really cutting edge. It’s almost too young for the wine business, and I say that with all due respect. I’ve learned that when someone established in this business says, “I want something edgy,” it doesn’t take very much to push that request overboard.

What’s edgy from someone with a rock n’ roll background will quickly blow the mind of someone who’s lived in wine country all his or her life. I have to constantly remind myself, the wine business’s roots are agricultural. That’s earthy, established, and not prone to risk taking.

I can’t help myself… I love edgy. I’ve most always been able to quickly see the vision of someone or something I know will work… and RadCru’s really got it going on.

On Friday, June 1, RadCru, under the name of Wine 2.0, is holding another gathering in San Francisco, and I’ll be there. I wouldn’t miss it. For the last month, I’ve been working with Cornelius Geary, bringing wine from as many of my wine clients as I can. I “get” this virtual wine store concept, and I’m encouraging many wineries to think about connecting with companies like RadCru… because… well… why not? Who doesn’t need another outlet for his or her wine?

With less shelf space available all of the time, because of distributor consolidation, where are all of these small brands going to go? It’s getting harder and harder all of the time to have a wine brand find a tiny place on any store’s shelf, unless you’re already in with a big distributing company. Even then, you’re still going to be fighting with all the other large brands. If you’re a big winery that produces a lot of wine, you’re pretty set. If you’re small… innovate as fast as you can. Find those virtual outlets for your own brand’s sake.

Wine 2.0 explains itself as, “A wine industry networking group featuring the newest generation of emerging companies, services and communication tools that are changing the world of wine. Participating players are using technology to change the way wine is made, marketed, communicated about or sold. Wine 2.0

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