Wine Business.com launches new feature ~ Industry Analysis & Opinion / Wine Blogs

There’s an amazing array of talented and passionate writers in the wine business. It’s because this industry is pretty fascinating. There are so many interesting characters that one can write story after story and never get bored, never experience writers block.

Within the last week, Wine Business Monthly launched a new feature on its Web Daily News. It’s a blog watch to see who’s saying what…

How resourceful, and major applause to WBM’s editor Cyril Penn.

In the process of being one of Tom Wark’s judges for the Fermentations Daily Wine Blog Awards, one of my fellow judges was Cyril. It’s obvious that his eyes were also opened by the process of examining wine blogs. In that process, Cyril must have had an epiphany. That revelation now benefits us all, because he’s launched a “watch” of who’s saying what about the wine business.

To have a place that condenses down some of the best wine writing in cyberspace is to your benefit. It’s worth checking out, because you’ll be able to connect with some pretty talented people who share this passion of mine. Each takes a unique look at the wine business, and shares personal perspective.

Best yet, you won’t have to sift through the hundreds upon hundreds of wine blogs to find out who’s on the inside and sharing their own perspective from this side of the fence. The link: Wine Business Monthly Industry Analysis & Opinion / Wine Blogs

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