Calderwood Inn ~ Victorian Charm: Healdsburg CA

Monday, April 9, 2007:

When you’re traveling in Healdsburg, CA, it’s worth it to take the time to discover this very charming Bed & Breakfast, because it’s wonderful B&B experience, and you’ll experience a whole lot more…

This true-to-period Victorian B&B has incredibly remarkable décor. You don’t notice it at first, because there’s initial, all-encompassing warmth upon entering the foyer, that just takes you in. Calderwood Inn is a showcase home of antiques, Victorian-period wall and ceiling papers, and reproduction art from the masters of those days gone by.

It’s interesting to note that Calderwood’s wall and ceiling coverings (all seamlessly integrated… from stem to stern) are currently produced by world-renown designer Bruce Bradbury. These Victorian-century designs were originally created by William Morris, a prominent textile designer of the mid-to-late 1800s. To say that the resulting effect is simply remarkable is an understatement. Each room wraps its occupants in richly designed comfort.

People who love bed and breakfast inns will be enthralled with this jewel of a discovery, because it’s a major class-act that takes you to “the wild west gone cultured.” The period furniture and perfectly manicured hardwood floors are a total package. This home is definitely dedicated to those who love surrounding themselves with museum quality furnishings, versus someone looking for a minimalist experience. It’s really well cared for, and is a showplace where visitors can enjoy its style, feel at home, and begin to imagine what it must have been like as a personal home in the 1800s.

Writing about this inn came about when I put out the word to wine country businesses that we had a returning Sergeant First Class Afghanistan/Iraq soldier coming to wine country. Chery Durpis contacted me as the director of PS I Love You, the advocacy group for Petite Sirah. Calderwood Inn’s proprietor Susan Moreno immediately answered the call, generously offering to have Cheryl Dupris stay with her for a couple of evenings. Susan opened her doors and graciously welcomed her to wine country. I traveled with Cheryl to chronicle her experiences, wanting to have those first-hand experiences as a traveler, so my writings would have the benefit of understanding. I can now tell you that Calderwood Inn is a very special experience that’s really easy to enjoy.

The B&B parts of this Inn…

BED, an important ingredient in the B & B: Bedrooms and beds are both delightfully comfortable. Sumptuously endowed, the beds will just take you away into perfect slumber. When Sergeant Cheryl opened the door to her room, she knew that there was a God… Cheryl told me in earlier Emails that she has dedicated her life to giving to others, and would find it odd to be the one to be on the receiving end. Since she was now into Day 9 of her adventure, she didn’t waste a minute closing the door behind her for the evening… Cheryl now counts Susan Moreno as one of her heroes. How quickly those tables can turn in peaceful experiences.

BREAKFAST, by innkeeper/chef Susan Moreno: Susan puts the “B” in Breakfast. This is not a “Wham-bam, cold breakfast, Mam” experience. Susan spends the morning creating the most delicious first-meal-of-the-day. Fresh seasonal fruit with yogurt, “Oeuf in a Poof” pastry, perfectly prepared asparagus spear, the most delicious blueberry scones I’ve even eaten, locally produced Parmesan basil smoked-chicken sausage, and oven roasted potatoes… First thing in the morning, Susan’s early morning efforts, splendidly displayed in a true-to-form white table cloth experience, await your palate, and are a great jump-start for those about to hit the wineries.

Cheryl & Susan

One has to have deep respect for those willing to give of themselves, when asked to help a returning soldier find comfort in wine country. Sergeant First Class Cheryl Dupris only wanted to eat, sleep, and drink Petite Sirah in California. For Cheryl’s simple needs, we could have just hooked her up intravenously. In wine country, though, that’s not very glamorous (or even doable). She would have missed all that I just wrote about… Anyone looking for a perfect B&B adventure consider Calderwood Inn is a must-do in Healdsburg, as it’s a most delicious experience.

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