Taste of Vail ~ Taking fine art, food, and wine to the height of delight

The height of fine art, for me, is when it gets taken to the mountains… Like Vail… And an art, food, and wine event unfolds…

Check it out… 17th Annual Taste of Vail

Taste of Vail

Wednesday April 11, 2007 – Saturday April 14, 2007

(Directly from their Website, as why reinvent the wheel)

“In its 17th year, the Taste of Vail is the nation’s premier spring food and wine festival, held at several venues throughout North America’s #1 ski resort. During the annual four-day event, upwards of 5,000 people are able to “taste the Vail Valley lifestyle” which showcases Vail’s world-famous resort village set against dramatic mountain vistas.

“Participants at the Taste of Vail experience the Vail Valley’s world-class restaurants, fine wine poured by winemakers and winery owners from top wineries around the globe, along with interactive seminars, auction and dance, après ski tasting and the popular mountaintop picnic sensory extravaganza at the top of Vail Mountain.

“Proceeds from the Taste of Vail go to various charities in the Vail Valley.”

This year’s art work was created by Artist Anton Arkhipov, and is entitled “Once Upon a Time Over Vail.” It’s the official artwork of the 17th annual Taste of Vail, and quoting Kevin Frest (Frest & Royce Fine Art), who represents the artist, “Anton used symbolism as part of a fantasy.” This artwork is delightful, and reminds me of my real life Louis Foppiano, who seems to frequent Colorado more than any other state. One doesn’t have to wonder why. Skiing and snowboarding are his passions… beyond wine.

I’m especially attracted to this kind of event, because it marries all the elements of gracious living: art, food, wine, landscape, and the element of giving back to the community.

What’s unique for me is that this event, nestled in the Rocky Mountains’ massive grandeur, is built around not only food and wine, but art is also a strong component. Maybe it’s because I love the solitude of being in a gallery, enjoying what others have fashioned in a medium yet to be explored by me, and still greatly appreciated.

Maybe it’s because artists have been drawn in to share their work and that helps to raise the funds for giving back. Maybe it’s because we get to create a world around an artist by exploring his or her work while enjoying fine wine and scrumptious food… Maybe it’s all of these things and more…

Bottom line is that all of the connections that bring this event together are worth noting, and if you haven’t been to this event, you’ve missed one of the greats. I say this, not as someone who has personally attended, but as someone who had worked at another great Colorado food and wine event, and had to listen to all my colleagues say, “This one’s pretty good, but I really love the Vail one!” There’s no better endorsement for me, because I know how great the one is that I’ve had the privilege of pouring wine at. I can only, therefore, imagine how very special Vail is, and aspire to get myself there, when time permits.

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