Discriminating Palates? More like bitter irony in my humble opinion

There’s a wine competition that’s being touted as the woman’s answer to what to drink. It’s created by women, for women, and the results should tell women what wines they’ll prefer to drink.


Quite honestly, if this were created by men, for men, and about what men prefer to consume for wine, there would be such an outcry from the feminist community, that it would rock the wine world. And yet, when women launch a concept for what they’re about to do (women tasting wine and setting benchmark decisions for other women), I find it appalling.

I’d love to sugar coat it, but I just can’t. It reminds me of the wine that was created by one wine house that was going to be low-calorie, so women would just adore that they can have wine that won’t put on the pounds. Ridiculous… I stopped drinking wine last week, trying to lose five pounds, and didn’t lose one pound. It’s not the one-glass-a-day that puts it on. It’s caloric intake that’s smothered in cream sauce that does it. It’s the second helpings, and it’s the snacks after 7:00 p.m.

Now, we’ve got the wine competition thing going on, and men can’t even voice their outrage, or they risk their professional careers as writers. They’ll be viewed by women as discriminating against them.

But wait… Webster’s definition of discriminate is, “To act with partiality.”

I’m offended by this competition, because I believe that we’re all so different. We all like different things, not because of gender, but because of preference, history (I can’t eat fish, as I was force fed fish, and can’t make that connect without hypnotherapy), and interest… Do all women like fish? Do only men eat oranges, and women eat tangerines? Are only men interested in cigars? (I have a daughter who will say that’s bunk.)

It’s a marketing attempt, but it falls short of the mark for convincing this woman. I do know we’re all different, so have at it if you believe in this cause… It’s just not registering for me, and I’m taking the side of all the men who have read this, don’t dare shout that this is very offensive (lest they be chastised), and am voicing my concern for discrimination… Not reverse discrimination, as someone once said to me. There’s no reverse in discrimination. It is what it is… “To act with partiality.”

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