This past week, while talking with Cindy Guy, Leslie Sbrocco’s Tasting Coordinator) about Concannon Vineyard, Cindy told me that Concannon is in Leslie’s new book, The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide, published by William Morrow. I became very excited about that, and Cindy generously offered to send me a copy.

There are two important things, here:

  1. I love books – wine et al
  2. I love reviewers who aren’t bothered by scores, and just write about what they like
  3. My wine library became broadly expanded when I was working at Robert Mondavi Winery in the wine education department. Someone made a decision to get rid of all books that weren’t current. All educators were allowed to take “a book.” Then, after a few days, we could take one more. Finally, we were allowed to take whatever was left. I don’t have to tell you that I loaded up my car.

    So, to have Cindy declare that she’d send a copy to me was just awesome… As, I love books!

    The research is there, Boys and Girls, about what drives men and women to make their wine buying decisions. Men, pragmatic creatures that they are, like numbers. Women, the idealists among us, prefer the adjectives.

    Leslie’s book is all about the adjectives, which is what immediately drew me in.

    Now, don’t let this preclude you guys from buying a copy for yourselves, or to give to your partners, because the book is jam packed with information about wine.

    Sections include:

  • Wines By The Mood (Okay, girls, this one’s for you.)
  • Wines With Food (Guys… happy cooking and you’ll know exactly which wine to serve… once you’ve checked out the “scores.”)
  • Wines By the Season
  • Wines For a Reason
  • Insider Wines
  • Quick-Pick Guides

The book arrived, just as I was headed out the door to attend a dinner at Greystone’s Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Stephen Gerike of the National Pork Board had invited us to dine with his corporate buyers, many of whom were chefs. I wasted no time on the way to the CIA, and was able to read Leslie’s book, while Jose drove the car.

Leslie Sbrocco’s book is a tremendous accomplishment… The tenacious dedication… The pouring out of information, only after it had all been gathered

The cover has Leslie’s image on it. She sits with a glass of wine in quiet confidence. I’m thinking that that’s the only way to look, after getting all that info out of oneself.

Simple & Savvy Wine Guide is a treasure for anyone to have in his or her library. It’s worth the effort to purchase, and you don’t have to go very far to do that, as it’s being sold on

Visit Leslie’s Website, as you’ll find lots of wine information. Leslie’s book is a tremendous resource as you explore this world of wine, and it’s also a wonderful gift for anyone on your list that shares that same passion!

Leslie Sbrocco

Thumbs up! But… You do the math!