Marketing 101 ~ Branding

Every chance that you have to take your product’s image public is an opportunity to brand your logo in the mind of your intended audience. This is true for any industry.

Imagine that Nike was asked to sponsor an event. Let’s say that the company’s agreed to lend their support… It then becomes imperative with those who are creating any distributed material that Nike’s check off logo (which is one of the most brilliant ones out there) is on every piece of material being created for public viewing.

Branding, branding, branding…

If you have a logo, use it on all communications, for anything that’s going to become imagery for both employees and consumers. (Even if it’s an internal document, there’s a level of ownership that happens internally as people view their own company’s logo.)

Although this may seem like Marketing 101, it is still sometimes overlooked. I recently witnessed this in an editing check. A client wanted to completely leave off a logo on material that was going to be distributed.

This client asked, “Since the public doesn’t recognize the brand yet, why bother to put that image on the point-of-sale material?”

This was a great question, and it got me to thinking. Even though a client has come a long way with his or her own company, there are still marketing details that must be explained.

If you’re working in a marketing department, you already know that using your logo is branding at its best.

If you’re not working in a marketing department, perhaps this will help when you’re given the assignment to create a notice of any kind for your company.

Now you know where to start… And it’s to start with your brand’s logo!

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