Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta ~ Deliciously Yummy ~ Southwestern Style

You know you’re lucky when…

For the last four years, I’ve volunteered so may hours each month for PS I Love You (the advocacy group for Petite Sirah that Foppiano Vineyards and I founded) that it would make your head spin. Yes, there’s a small stipend each month, but I can’t hire an administration person to help me at the rate I’m working for. This isn’t a complaint. It’s just a pure statement of fact, allowing you to understand why I consider myself really lucky.

If you’ve never started a group, be advised that any group that gets going and eventually becomes successful has someone who’s driven by passion, not by pocketbook. I’m the former, not the latter.

So, when Greg O’Byrne, the organizer for the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta, put Chicago’s Master Sommelier Joe Spellman on a Petite Sirah panel as its moderator, a seminar that I had asked Greg to consider for this year’s event, I saw a panel that was very complete; and therefore, I had no reason to go to Santa Fe. If I were to travel, it would have been at great personal expense, and it would only be to see how the panel would do. Each person on the panel is awesome, competent, and would provide a great experience to attendees, so I kept asking myself, “Why should I go?”

Panel ~ R. to L.

With all of these professionals on board, there was no reason to spend money that really needs to go toward two daughters’ up-coming weddings. (Enough said?) I’m listing the members of PS I Love You alphabetically who were there, because — like my children — all of the members are my favorites:

Panel ~ L. to R.

So, I let my guys know, “Hey, have a great time, but I’m not going to incur great personal expense, because you’re very self-contained.” It wasn’t an easy decision (because I love Santa Fe!), but I made the decision.

Then, to my surprise (and delight), I got a call from PSILY President Dave Pramuk… “Hey, Jo, the board is taking responsibility for your travel expenses. We can’t leave you behind!”

Talk about getting choked up… and thrilled… that my board of directors is so appreciative…

St. Francis Cathedral

What follows is the beginning of being in Santa Fe, New Mexico from Wednesday, September 27, until Sunday, October 1. So much happened in those five days, that I’m going to be breaking this all down, one-day-at-a-time, as I have more images than I could possibly share…

But, here’s the deal… If you can ever get yourself to this event, you’re doing yourself a huge favor, and you’ll know you’re lucky when… You’re there, too!

A Petite Panel, Left to Right… (That’s Petite… but there’s nothing small about the accomplishments of this crew!)

Phillip Lolonis

Miro Tcholakovs

Dave Pramuk

Joe Spellman

Kent Rosenblum

Mike Phillips

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