No, I didn’t misspell martini, as this is not about the beverage. It’s about the man, who was the world’s most lovable, and well-known radio astrologer. (Jose and I worked with Darrell at WBLM radio in Portland, Maine.) Darrell was known to millions as an on-air astrological personality; most especially on WBCN in Boston, where he began his stellar career in 1973.

Darrell Martinie, our Cosmic Muffin, passed away on Wednesday, July 26, 2006, after a three year battle with cancer. Darrell and his husband Ed Boesel had been our friends for over 30 years, so Darrell’s passing had everyone in my family shedding tears.

When I first met Darrell, he called me an astro-buff. I was fine with that, as he was the star who had a career in astrology (he also had his degree in psychology). It was his business to know and share the potential results of what the magnetic energy of planets moving though space would be exerting on our daily lives. I had children to raise at that time, and studied from afar by comparison.

Darrell and Ed helped in the raising of our children by being their surrogate uncle and aunt. Darrell made no pretenses about loving his feminine side, and we all loved him for his jovial flamboyance. He knew who he was, and we adored the honest way he led his life. This is another picture that I took of Darrell at the Sunday River Ski Resort promotion.

On Thursday, July 27, 2006, the Boston Herald announced: “A star fell from astrology’s firmament Wednesday, when Saugus resident Darrell Martinie succumbed following a three-year battle with cancer.”

This stuck me as blatantly incorrect. What actually happened was quite the opposite… A star didn’t “fall.” This star was returned to the firmament on Wednesday… There was no fall. There was ascension. Darrell went back to the source of his light, and continues to shine in all of our hearts.

Being a star and having that fame is a fleeting matter, in the grand scheme of life. How we treat others in that process of being given the responsibility of prominence lays the ground work for the next stage, when we have to reinvent ourselves. Darrell Martinie weathered all his storms along the way, as was a testament to his exit strategy. A Martinie with a martini? What a star!

In his honor, I raise my glass of wine, and thank him for all the moments of sharing his life with us. Memories we’ll always treasure.

Astrological Signs With Their Astrological Wines

Aries (Fire sign — pioneer — Darrell had an Aries sun sign) Pinot Grigio: Pinot Grigio is the popular Italian version of the well known French Pinot Gris, and is a wonderful new beginning for those just starting to develop their interest in wine. This wine parallels perfectly with Aries, as Aries is the entry sign.

Taurus (Earth sign — tenacious) Syrah: Known for its earthy tendencies, Syrah delivers a solid Rhone varietal that keeps developing its following in the new world of wine; however, it has been persistently serving the French for centuries.

Gemini (Air sign — intellectual twin) Zinfandel: The astrological twin has two distinct sides. So does Zinfandel. White Zinfandel (with slightly sweet flavors of strawberry) has brought many people joyfully into the wine world. For most of us, this is an entry point, not the be-all-to-end-all. And the other side of the twin is Zinfandel in its natural, red grape form, offering flavors of blackberries and a pepper spice.

Cancer (Water sign — sensitive, emotional nurturer — Darrell’s moon placement) Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc is a noble Bordeaux varietal. And, as Darrell used to remind us when any planet was in Cancer, Cancer and Sauvignon Blanc are not to be confused with emotions being reflective of someone or something out of control. Rather, anything related to Cancer was controlled and motherly, something austere and nurturing.

Leo (Fire sign — party animal) Champagne: Fun and bubbly, it’s party time. Who doesn’t love bubbles and a party? Whenever we associate a grand gathering, it’s always kicked off with Champagne and/or sparkling wine, and leads into more enjoyment.

Virgo (Earth sign — analyzer) Pinot Noir: At its worst (all signs have “at their best” and “at their worst” tendencies), this is the fussiest grape to grow. Upon deliverance, however, this wine (like all the Virgos in the world) gives us great pleasure. It can range from the most delicates of red with flavors of plum to flavors of bold, dark red cherries. It’s because a winemaker took the time to analyze where he wanted to go with this wine that we get to taste the best expression in its delivery.

Libra (Air sign — judge) Riesling: Find a diner who’s willing to pay over $100 for a bottle of this aromatic, floral discovery, and you’ll find superbly well-balanced wine that will become more of a conversation piece that focuses completely and utterly on the wine, than a subtle experience that’s in the background when conversation turns to the weather.

Scorpio (Water sign — detective) Petite Sirah: This take-no-prisoners varietal is as dark and brooding as the sign. Scorpio is known for always getting you back, so watch that you don’t spill a drop of this wine on your white shirt, or that shirt will be stung by it’s color pigment forever. This is the biggest and baddest of all wines! Loaded with lots of color, flavor, textures, and aromas, Petite Sirah is for the most intense among us.

Sagittarius (Fire sign — jester) Rose: This is a wine that is (like the sign) a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. A rose can be any red wine on a superficial level, never truly achieving what it would have been, had it stayed the course to full varietal intensity that is offered by deeply developing on the vine, and being used accordingly. And yet, who doesn’t love a clown, and what would we do without a bit of frivolity in the world?

Capricorn (Earth sign — banker) Bordeaux: This Cabernet blend is always one that you can bank on for flavor, longevity, and building its monetary cache as it ages. The most money spent on any wine in purchases is for the Bordeaux… You can bank on it!

Aquarius (Air sign — humanitarian) Merlot: What other varietal gives it all up to others? Merlot gives it up to Cab, as its original intent was to be blended into Cabernet, so Cab could shine. It’s had its day in the US as a varietal, but that trend is moving toward Syrah and Pinot Noir, while still holding its position for being a prominent, blending component for Bordeaux, in Cab’s shadow.

Pisces (Water sign — magician) Chardonnay: The one white wine in the US that flooded the market has many different takes on how it presents itself, and fools many among us with its trickery. Is it malolactic fermented, is it neutral barrels that have ML present from past fermentations that we taste, or is it stainless steel for six months, then into barrels, neutral or otherwise? It’s magic.

And remember, as Darrell was famous for saying, “It’s a wise person who rules the stars, and a fool who is ruled by them…Over and out!”

Hugs and kisses, Darrell! Over and out…