Winery Cats ~ One Nasty Desperado at Cuvaison Winery

Butch at Cuvaison

Back in 1994, I was one of the nastiest desperados on the Silverado Trail, yet people loved me just because I was a cat. They didn’t seem to mind that most of my tail was gone. (I’m betting that’s why they called me “Butch.”) Most of them didn’t seem to mind that I’d sun myself all over their picnic tables. Most didn’t even mind when I stole their food. They didn’t seem to mind much at all. People visiting wine country on vacation were all just a little too happy, if youda asked me, back then.

I didn’t drift over to this winery because I was on vacation, either, like these guys, I can tell you that!

Before I made my home at Cuvaison Winery in Napa Valley, there was a big ranch on the other side of the road where I was born. One day, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and a tractor just didn’t see me sunning myself in the vineyards… It’s a short tale, and that’s when I began to wear one… a short tail. All I remember was a big meOWWW, a bandana bandage, and a strong desire to get the heck outta there.

I scooted across the road to a safer place full of picnic tables.

Cuvai at Cuvaison

One day I heard a tasting room guy telling a visitor, “Almost all the wineries have cats. If cats don’t keep rodents away, the rattlesnakes will. We prefer the cats! (No kidding!)

I didn’t have to eat all the rodents by myself, though. When I got to Cuivason, there was another cat named, Cuvai, but good luck trying to find her back then. She was the cutest little thing I’d ever seen. One night I tried to jump her bones, and meow-wham! She was just gone. I used to sit in the sun in the front of the winery every day, waiting for her to come back to me, but she stayed somewhere out back, hiding in the shade by the offices. I guess they fed her back there, because I’d only hear her once-in-a-while.

I just wished I coulda gotten closer to her, though. I got lots of food from visitors out front, but I’da been willing to share, if she just woulda been my sweetheart. Oh, well… They called me Butch, but I though of myself as “Deli Boy!” Those were the days… before I used up the rest of my eight lives.

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