Tom Wark

Little did I know that marketing questions would be a hot ticket item. While reading Tom Wark’s Daily Fermentations, I discovered two things. 1) Tom placed a link on his site to mine for my latest blog on “Marketing Questions and Answers.” 2) This “Dear Jo” thing was one of his most linked to readings.

Just point to any link. Tom’s site then reveals the most popular outgoing links. This is calculated by installed software. The info is being gathered from the number of click-throughs from Tom’s site to another one. Software developments continue to amaze me!

Question: From a small California wine producer: “I was just solicited from Sante Magazine for a label ad. They’ve reviewed my wine, and would like to know if I want to place a label with this verbiage, for a fee. Should I do this for my 2003 Zin? Is it worth it in our eyes?”

Answer: Run, don’t walk, to your check book. This is an opportunity to build a brand’s image in the mind of everyone reading Sante. In this case, it will be wine buyers and chefs. Many of the chefs own their own restaurants, and some of them are multi-tasking as their own sommeliers. If you were to pay for this space as an advertiser, you’d pay so much more for that one opportunity to brand your image. You can’t afford to NOT place this ad, and any others like this that come your way. Many, many periodicals do this same thing. See a label? It’s an advertorial moment.