Meritage: Is it still the Merit of OUR Heritage?

When I sat on the board of directors for the Meritage Association, I did it because I believed in the group and what it was doing; i.e., promoting America’s right to have a Bordeaux-style wine that was blended in whatever fashion winemakers chose as the best expression of their grapes and how they would make their blends.

Then, Meritage went global, allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to join. I’ve taken this personally, as I used to promote a Meritage blend for Ironstone Vineyards, traveling all over the United States making sure that people understood what it was and pronounced it properly…

Meritage = Merit + Heritage, ergo, Meritage.

When I’d hear Meritaaaage, it was like hearing fingers nails slowly sliding across a blackboard.

So, the question has to be asked, is it still the Merit of OUR Heritage, or have we given it all back to the French?

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