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Wine Enthusiast’s Artful Focus is a Significant Pleasure

SETTING: Waltz, point counter point, having just been in the garden ~ including Waltz in A-Flat Major, Op. 39, No. 15 INSPIRATION: Wine Enthusiast Magazine query ~ “Introducing Wine Enthusiast’s First Ever Art & Wine Issue” SOUL: Art & Wine? Sure OPINION: Life graces us with sensual entertainment. We need only to indulge, just lose […]


Can you send your review to me about my wine, so I can market myself?

Ronn offers a stellar wine program…


Meridith May of The Tasting Panel ~ Wine Writer #21

I just read that men tend to read what men write, and women tend to read other women. With this blog, I’ve definitely got more interactive men responding to things I’ve written, and a few women who mostly Email me directly with their comments. It’s hard to judge for me who’s really reading my Juicy […]