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Wine Market Council Announces 2014 Consumer Research Conferences

Tweet The Wine Market Council Announces its 2014 Consumer Research Conferences. This  is something that I am going to attend. It’s time to check in and get informed. How about you? This year’s event is critical for us all to attend. As I continue to work with wine producers, and help them with their marketing […]


Birdie Ballet ~ Alfred Hitchcock’s Inspiration?

Tweet After seeing Birdie Ballet, I’m betting that Alfred Hitchcock got his inspiration from this phenomenon… Especially since it’s stages in Sonoma County… at Bodega Bay. This is where, I too, saw my first Birdie Ballet. Now that it’s autumn again, I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve waited to write about […]


Blessing of the Harvest in Russian River Valley at River Road Family Vineyards And Winery

Tweet A dream realized… In the past, I’ve written about the blessing of the harvest by my friend and winery owner of Field Stone Winery, the Reverend John Staten. I’ve attended his blessed celebrations and feel/understand the importance of them. Interestingly, Jose was called upon to deliver a part of John’s program. It was so […]


Chinois Asian Bistro ~ A Wine List That’s Frequently Stolen

Tweet Nothing’s more exciting than when a new kid ends up on the block; most especially when that kid’s brought in all kinds of new, fascinating toys… Enter Chinois Asian Bistro in Windsor, California, offering Pan-Asian cuisine… Right in the heart of Sonoma County’s wine country, just minutes from downtown Healdsburg. Their menu is so […]


Public Service Announcement ~ Birdie Ballet ~ No Need to Panic, People

Tweet Coming soon, to a sky near you… Beware the big black undulating cloud in the air. It undulates, it moves from east to west, north to south, and west to east in almost a blink of the eye. No, it’s not Armageddon; it’s just Birdie Ballet, and those grapes the starlings have been eating […]


Steve Ledson Built a Winery, on the Way to Building His Dream Home

Tweet My personal history leading into this story I remember driving along Route 12 to the town of Sonoma from Santa Rosa years ago, and seeing what looked like a Gothic castle being constructed in the distance. Once it’s 16,000 square foot massive outer shell was set into place, drivers (including yours truly) would just […]


First Amendment Rights and Libel Collide on the Super Highway

Tweet This blog story isn’t an easy one to write, on a lot of levels; but, it’s still very important. I’ve even been going back and forth about whether or not to let it go and not upload it; but, I’m going forward with it, because of its importance. When I was about seven or […]


Wine Blogger Conferences ~ It’s a Matter of Taste

Tweet I’ve been to both the American Wine Bloggers Conference (Santa Rosa 2008) and the European Wine Bloggers Conference (Lisbon 2009). What I’m about to write is something that’s controversial and now rumbling underground, as people think this through and begin to discuss their opinions. I was just reminded of it as I read Paul […]


How do I feel about illegal aliens… I feel a lot and have a really simple solution.

Tweet First of all, this is coming from a white woman who was born in Maine, and still has deep Yankee roots… I’m so white that I can go out on Halloween without a sheet and be taken for wearing a ghost costume, so don’t let the name “Diaz” fool you. I picked that up […]


The Importance of Retailers ~ Mine is Traverso’s

Tweet In my quest to become a member of The Wine Century Club, I was just reminded of the importance of retailers. They’re the link between the vineyards and the all important point-of-purchase. Retailers play one of the most important roles as wine purchasing influencers in our lives. As Jose and I just looked at […]