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How do you feel about children in tasting rooms?

Tweet When I worked at Robert Mondavi Winery, I loved all aspects of being there, with one exception. I had a really hard time with the repetition of Wine 101 three to four times a day. I reached the point of feeling like I was channeling Lily Tomlin, doing her Broadway hit of “Searching for […]


Have you ever notice that New Zealand is an upside down boot?

Tweet FIRST PUBLISHED 2010/06/15… I wonder why nobody ever talks about New Zealand being an upside down boot? Okay, so maybe it’s a small boot with a leg warmer, but it’s got it going on. Thanks to Jasper Hammink of Vinopedia, the new free price comparison engine for wine. He read this post, then wrote: […]


Why People (Should) Go to a Winery Tasting Room

Tweet [Above Image: Left to right: winemaker Rui Veladas of Carmim Winery and winemaker Jose Fonseca of Enoforum Wines, in Carmim’s tasting room.] Tasting rooms are a retail outlet in which you may enjoy and learn about wine, and then make a purchase to support the proprietor’s efforts at showing you his, her, their best, if you liked the […]


Wine Grape Growing and Olive Grove Harvesting ~ Symbiosis in the Alentejo

Tweet The Old World, brought to me gratis of Enoforum Wines… My exposure to Portugal was a paradigm shift in so many ways. It helps that my DNA dates back to Europe, because it was a return to my roots, and recentered my origins. I’ve traced two forefathers to Scotland and England in the mid […]