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Happy 4th of July with Happy Camper wines!

Popular varietals: Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet… that’s what Happy Camper is all about. What does it taste like? Spend the money and find out! At only nine dollars a bottle, you can’t afford to not have this experience (and you won’t be disappointed).


What to wear in wine country

It’s all about wine. It’s the country. It’s very casual around here.


Seamless… art, food, and wine… in one Santurce location

Here we found all that Chef Mario Pagán promises on his website: “Nuevo Caribe Cuisine…”


It’s Spring in wine country

Tweet [I purchased this image. I didn’t take this one.] Yeah, I know, I’m a month early, but that’s the reality in Sonoma County. And today, regardless of this being a very dry winter, I’m thanking the gods that the next few days won’t have rain. I’m only two days away from putting on an […]


Irish Setter Story ~ I’ll drink to that

Tweet This is a personal Irish Setter Story ~ I’ll drink to that is a category that I’m putting this into. I have family stories that are worth sharing, and honestly fall into a category I like to think of, “I’ll drink to that.” It’s a good weekend story, and it involves my Great Aunt […]


The Smoking Loon ~ A Contest from Don Sebastiani & Sons is a fun marketing effort

Tweet It was a dark and stormy night, and the Smoking Loon was on the prowl… PRESS RELEASE: The “Smoking Loon, that’s what they called him. Nobody quite knew who he worked for, or where his loyalties lie, but he was undeniably good at what he did. As the namesake of Don Sebastiani & Sons’ […]


Social Hosts: There’s a law targeting parents that is so broadly written, even the people who endorsed it are getting trapped by it

Tweet Given what I wrote about yesterday, regarding Barrel Tasting weekend being out of control in the younger demographic, and having a response from Richard that included “Social Host,” I think it’s interesting to ask…. Are you aware of this? I’m providing this as a public service announcement (P.S.A.), just so you know. From a […]


Days of Crimson And Clover ~ Or, do organic wines really taste better?

Tweet The 1960s, 70s, and early 80s were very good to and for me. I deliberately sacrificed a lot of materialism, for which the universe delivered copious hours to study and practice many subjects of great personal interest: nutrition and gardening, organically buying my organic foods in a “health food store” (the only place to […]


Everyone Needs a Great Web Programmer for His or Her Wine Store

Tweet Great Web programmers are important if you have E-commerce on your Website. I was just asked if Jose [Diaz] knows ZenCart as a program for a winery’s online store. My new member to the Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group, Susanne of Christoper Bridge Cellars & Satori Springs Estate was telling me about an experience she […]


What if there were more Petite Sirah? Nurseries, it’s time to take note…

Tweet Leave your trending reports behind, dear nursery friends, because the trending reporters never call me. We’re too inconsequential for them, or we’re just not on their radar screen. That said, I’ve been keeping facts and figures on Petite Sirah since February 2002. I have 10 years devoted to this singular study. What do you […]