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Lisa Mattson Receives the 2012 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award

Each year, since 2009, Jose and I not only watch who’s a leading innovator, but we also feel, as seasoned veterans, it behooves us to call attention to someone within the wine industry who demonstrates serious innovative leadership. In 2009, 2010, and 2011, it was pretty easy to see innovation leaders… those who were creating […]


Cruvee’s done it again, and wins the 2010 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award

The 2009 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award went to Paul Mabray of VinTank, for revolutionizing the way wine purchases can be made; i.e., over the Internet. Remember the days of faxing in orders? Now, Cruvee has just upped the ante with its Application for sales within the realm of social media, by launching […]


Sunday Funnies

I’ve always loved Pee-Wee Herman, regardless of anything. It wasn’t Pee-Wee who a cop busted…It wasn’t the genius in the playhouse who all just children adored. It was a private man in a private moment, in a dark theater… Sorta like Bill Clinton or David Letterman behind closed doors. This morning, looking for something to […]