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Sustainable Viticulture ~ Vine Health Made Simple

Growing up with a grandmother who made it through the Great Depression had (and still has) its advantages; many of them having to do with being sustainably sound; i.e., growing all of her own foods for the summer, winter, and spring months… from growing to canning, freezing, pickling, and making jams and jellies. I even […]


“Jo, you are promulgating some awful myths” ~ The Primer & The Proper Response

This was a comment on my story about organic wines: Jo, you are promulgating some awful myths… What follows is the The Primer & The Proper Response backup, because who can leave all of this below in a comment box? Let me just state first and foremost, I’m a product of the “Summer of Love.” […]


Winemaking as a Viticultural Experience ~ Dan Kleck

[This image of Dan has been borrowed from the Donati Family Vineyard Website.] Dan Kleck is a wine maker that I met through Donati Family Vineyard. Dan his own brand ~ Silverstone Wines, and is also an artist, which gives you another quick snapshot into the world of this talented wine maker. I’ve also just […]