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I’ve been thinking about this “Lite Wine for Women,” and I’m not so happy

Yeah, yeah, I know… Guys love “lite” beer, targeted at men who have developed an extra pack. “Drink as much, but at a fraction of the calories.” Seems like something so great. I’ve always felt there’s something wrong with “diet” food, though. Eating and drinking “on a diet” is not eating and drinking as a […]


The way bloggers are now being approached… What a good laugh I just had

I’m so happy to keep you in the loop of the ridiculous… My little wine blog keeps me endlessly amused, by the way, and I love sharing. We’re actually making history with current affairs, here. I got an Email this morning, and knew that I’d not be interested in what was being offered, just by […]


The Dark Side of Lovely Wine Country ~ Is there any excuse for this?

[Image is from] This story was pulled for a bit today, because I was trying to get to the bottom of a “he said, she said,” and I now have. The owner gave me a conflicting story, and it doesn’t match with what I’ve been able to ascertain from the police, so I’m running […]


Are you ready for wine bottles that could be eaten once you’ve drunk what’s inside?

Hardly, I can only say, as I sit here shaking my head. Here’s the story on Mail Online: The bottles that could be EATEN once you’ve drunk what’s inside, written by Julian Gavaghan. “Future bottles could be eaten after scientists developed an edible material that can taste like the drink inside. “The product, a membrane […]


Some Incoming Marketing Is Just So Funny

As I read two incoming Emails this morning, I laughed to myself because they seemed to be perfectly interconnected. Here are the two titles: OMG – We’re working late too! Drink Red & Smile White with NEW WineStraws I think someone is staying up too late, when what they’re coming up with is a wine […]


The Latest Trend in Marketers ~ Not PR People, But Marketers Going After Bloggers

It’s happening more and more, and I’m writing this to not only reveal the trend, but to also go on record to say, “Not on my watch, please.” Here’s the pitch: “Hope you’re keeping well. I’m just getting in touch to ask if you’re open to accepting content from freelance writers; if so, I’d love […]


Okay, I just did something very naughty + How more ridiculous does it get out there?

Imagine getting a press release from a huge PR firm in New York City, and the title of the person contacting me is Manager, Social Media and ePR. What a great title, huh? I get queries all the time now, from one firm or another, coming out of big cities. Most of the people behind […]


The Fine Line Between Wine Snob and Wine Enthusiast

I just read a story on, entitled, You too can talk like a wine snob. Why do wine writers perpetuate the concept of a wine “snob?” Is  it because readers love to rag about them, and it makes for fun gossip? What I read that really got me to thinking… One commenter wrote, “My […]


Is This a Diamond in the Rough Story?

I remember reading a story by Cyril Penn in August, on, and I was flying by my seat of my pants at the time, but it hadn’t left my frontal lobe. The story was called, Coppola’s Attorneys Lay Claim to the Word Diamond and or Diamond Shapes, and I thought, “What?” It’s a great […]


Man finds 230 year-old bottle of Champagne at sea and drinks it

Image borrowed from The Independent. This past weekend, while divers were exploring a shipwreck in the in Baltic Sea, they discovered what may possibly be the oldest bottles of drinkable Champagne. It’s reported they found 30 bottles of champagne. These bottles are thought to pre-date the French Revolution, and were  perfectly preserved at a depth […]