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The difference between marketing and PR

Sales, marketing, and PR all seemed to be the same thing, because they all fell (and still do) under the same umbrella in the wine business


Shipping wine in the US no longer a nightmare for understanding, thanks to Wine Enthusiast

Tweet Thanks, Wine Enthusiast Magazine for making shipping wine in the US no longer a nightmare for understanding. This info graphic changes that constant and complicated moving target, with the easiest way to figure this out EVER. Jose and I have helped so many clients as Diaz Communications, when they make those Direct-to-Consumer decisions. I’ve learned […]


Wine Market Council Announces 2014 Consumer Research Conferences

Tweet The Wine Market Council Announces its 2014 Consumer Research Conferences. This  is something that I am going to attend. It’s time to check in and get informed. How about you? This year’s event is critical for us all to attend. As I continue to work with wine producers, and help them with their marketing […]


Your Winery Photo is Beautiful and Boring

Tweet Your Winery Photo is Beautiful and Boring…. But, it can be a whole lot more interesting. I’ve been helping American Winery Guide; as you may know, if you read my blog. Although my job is complete as it was initially set out, I’m still keeping up with their growth, which is quite fascinating, and […]


It all boils down to Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Tanzer, in the Total Wine World

Tweet “Back in the day” (pre social media), the following four … Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Tanzer … along with Charlie Olken ruled wine with an iron fist. And, they still do, boys and girls. This are just my observances from 20+ years of experiences, while being on the inside of the wine […]


The Third Annual Oregon Pinot Gris Symposium at Oak Knoll Winery Set Out New Marketing Directions

Tweet On Thursday, June 13, The Third Annual Oregon Pinot Gris Symposium at Oak Knoll Winery set out new marketing directions. At each and every turn, presenters took on the challenges before them, while exploring Oregon’s internal strengths and weakness, as well as their external opportunities and threats, as regards Oregon’s Pinot Gris. The leader […]


Winery tasting rooms are retail outlets and samples aren’t mandatory

Tweet Winery tasting rooms are retail outlets and samples aren’t mandatory… What a concept, huh, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t understand this basic marketing concept. Tasting rooms are set up for wine retail sales, and education may also be part of that process… Here you may enjoy learning about wine, and […]


From Barefoot Cellars to Motivational Speakers…. Learn from the best

Tweet It was a beautiful summer day in Burlington, Vermont. My sister Merry and I were pouring wine for Belvedere Winery (which no longer exists). At the time, I was Belvedere’s director of communications and a district sales manager, representing about seven states. My sales areas included Northern California, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico… just mentioning […]


Reconnecting with a Grandmaster ~ Richard Mansfield

Tweet Back Story When I was working at Belvedere Winery in the 1990s, Richard Mansfield was hired to be the winemaker for Bradford Mountain Winery. As colleagues go, I adored Richard; because, besides educating me, he could really make me laugh. One instance was when we both traveled to Oregon to participate in a road […]


Added Value Retailer ~ Food & Wine Pairings

Tweet I’m all about food and wine, because that’s mostly how I view enjoying it. That said, there’s nothing like a glass at the end of the day as I prepare food to go with my wine, either. I’m a strong believer in a glass a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you don’t […]