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Shipping wine in the US no longer a nightmare for understanding, thanks to Wine Enthusiast

Thanks, Wine Enthusiast Magazine for making shipping wine in the US no longer a nightmare for understanding. This info graphic changes that constant and complicated moving target, with the easiest way to figure this out EVER. Jose and I have helped so many clients as Diaz Communications, when they make those Direct-to-Consumer decisions. I’ve learned over […]


Oregon, and how vintners feel ~ Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group answers an objection ~ Paul Gregutt Adds Advice

Oregon needs to stay focused on how to build its wine industry, in my humble opinion. Below is a conversation that went back and forth with a vintner. It’s always interesting to hear an objection, because it’s insightful. What I saw from the objection is that some vintners would rather leave all marketing to the […]


What’s The Wine Industry’s Unperceived Future?

Beyond Bill HR 5034 being passed… As I was about to dive into page 37 of Sondra Barrett’s Wine’s Hidden Beauty, I read the follow title and entrance to the sentence… And began to ponder. Sondra wrote: The Critics A great controversy brews in the wine industry. Are wine critics….. That’s were my blink happened, […]


Yesterday I Asked. Today We have Answers, and It’s Not Pretty

Yesterday, I was struck by how much money is being spent on lobbyists in the wine and spirits industry. I just knew something was fishy in Denmark. Here’s what I wrote in my final analysis, after I listed all the money and who is spending it: When you click on any of these links, don’t […]


Wine Tax Against Grape Growers Fails

This was just sent to me by Assemblymember Pedro Nava. It’s a huge relief to have someone within the Assembly watching out for wine grape growers during these very difficult economic times: Assemblymember Pedro Nava Votes Against Winery Tax Increase… Sacramento – Assemblymember Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara & Ventura) voted against Assembly Bill 1019, a […]