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Holiday Cocktails with NON GMO Zulka

Tweet The NON GMO labeling of Zulka Morena Sugar is inspiring to me. I was asked to share a recipe for the holidays, and Zulka was an ingredient. When I learned what it was, I knew that I had to share. SIDEBAR: Mr. Shapiro, my seventh grade home room teacher helped my class to remember […]


The global wine market is about to get a shot in its legal arm

Tweet For any of my wine law friends, I’m sharing the upcoming Wine and Spirits Law Academy at UC Davis, scheduled for September 8, 9, and 10, 2014. Announcing the UC Davis Wine and Spirits Law Academy Sept. 8-10, 2014 University of California, Davis, and the Napa Valley, Calif. Wine and spirits legal experts from […]


Red Wine And Wine Gadgets For Father’s Day, including a Spirits Aerator… for good measure

Tweet TODAY: Red Wine And Wine Gadgets For Father’s Day, including a Spirits Aerator… for good measure … Yesterday, I wrote about the 2012 Simi Sauvignon Blanc and the HOST CHILL Cooling Pour Spout. Breaking it up into two separate days just makes good sense, since we all know how little time we have for […]


Ode to a Wine Incarnate, as written by Dr. Sondra Barrett

Tweet The first time I read through Wine’s Hidden Beauty ~ Bioscapes of Wine: Sondra Barrett, I began to think of wine as a whole new entity, something much grander than a liquid food. Reading it didn’t inspire me to write about whether or not the book worked for me and how I’d share that. […]


How to get away from wine ~ Go to Puerto Rico and visit Bacardi ~ Island Time Style

Tweet When I passed this group of young adults talking about wine and filming their adventure, I had to ask permission to take a picture for you all. I wanted to prove that it is there (in Puerto Rico) what it is here in the US… a civilized way of life. So, let’s just first […]


Why I Love The Wine Century Club, Bodega Riojanas, Mazuelo et al

Tweet I got my Wine Century Certificate last year, after I had tasted 100 different varieties. It’s not as easy as it sounds, to have tried 100 different grapes. I hit the wall at about 60 different cultivars. Then, I attended an importer tasting in San Francisco, and that put me well over the 100 […]


Tapas from Marimar Torres’ Cookbook ~ You’re Invited

Tweet Year ago, when I was at Belvedere Winery, my colleague and friend Corinne Reichel had seen an ad for the position of director of PR at Marimar Estate. Corinne knew I was qualified and was also totally misunderstood my current boss. (He’s since passed away.) Corinne really encouraged me to look into the position; […]


Beyond Green Beer and onto an Exclusiv Vodka Concoction of Decadence

Tweet Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya! I’m gearing up for St. Paddy’s Day. How about you? Okay… I’m stepping away from green beer and even Irish made wines this St. Paddy’s day. Below is a list of my favorite Irish vintners, so jump to that if you’re determined to only enjoy Irish-made wines this […]


What’s funny, sexy, and blue all over?

Tweet The Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival at Sonoma’s Jacuzzi Vineyards on December 11! I may be wrong, and please tell me if I am; but, I can’t remember a wine magazine ever doing something like this… And, I mean holding a specific event, whose singular purpose it to raise funds for a worthy cause. […]


It’s National Tequila Day! ¡Ole!

Tweet One of the joys in my life, for the past year, has been the introduction of tequila into my repertoire. Before working with Tequila Semental, I only knew about tequila as a spirit ingredient in my margaritas. I never saw it as a sipping beverage, and I never believed that I was a “let’s […]