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Winemaking, a simply complicated passion

Facebook is the land of questions, including winemaking; especially for some of us in the wine business. If I get a winemaking question on this blog and I don’t have an answer, I turn to my winemaking friends. Last week, on my blog about “Sur Lie aging versus aging Sur Lees,” one of my readers […]


What motivated wine bloggers to start blogging ~ Their own stories

I just re-ran An Impatient Publicist©, because it’s a story for me that’s timeless, talking about how I began blogging. In one of the Facebook groups, I had a comment about my sharing how I got started, and it made me wonder how others began their own on-line publishing journeys. I decided to ask the […]


Wine Bloggers Getting Ready for the Virtual Wines of Chile Tasting on October 13, 5:00 p.m. PT

Being a wine blogger has opened up a whole new world to me, which is really a lot of fun and filled with adventures in not only wine tasting, but also the industry… period… It’s become really easy to be out and about on a lot of levels. In the non-wine tasting world, but deeply […]


Has The Web 2.0 Marcoshifting Finally Settled In? And, Guess Who’s Now Wine Blogging

This blog posting has been inspired by Charlie Olken, of Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine. Bear with me… The indented paragraphs are setting an important stage. What follows after this introduction is something very exciting about our pal Charlie. Web 2.0 caused a huge marcoshift in publishing. No one is going to argue that one […]


Cruvee’s done it again, and wins the 2010 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award

The 2009 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award went to Paul Mabray of VinTank, for revolutionizing the way wine purchases can be made; i.e., over the Internet. Remember the days of faxing in orders? Now, Cruvee has just upped the ante with its Application for sales within the realm of social media, by launching […]


Big Jim and Lil’ Jo ~ off and running

Along with Chang Liow and Jose Diaz… The Wine Century Club of Windsor CA has officially begun. I arrived at Chinois Bistro (our new club house) with the Local Chapter Application. On the Member List, I had already filled in President Jose Diaz and Secretary Jo Diaz (it’s no secret that I’m the record keeper). […]


Social Media Options Continue to Expand with GrapeStories

Recently, Thea Dwelle, known affectionately as @winebratsf just commented on this blog: “It’s exciting to see what this year will bring in the wine industry technology explosion!” I thought to myself, “What else could possibly happen… So much has already flooded my brain.” But, within only a few minutes I got my answer via Email. […]


Wine-Blog’s Fourth Bloggiversary

Weekly Holidaze Drawing: Just leave a comment on any wine-blog entry this month, to win gifts this December: We all have to thank Gwendolyn Alley (ArtPredator and WinePredator) for the word “Bloggiversary.” Here I am with my fourth and reflecting on those past four years of amazing changes. When I began blogging, it was because […]


Why Would an Advocacy Group Launch a Social Media Website Exclusive to its Members?

PS I Love You has launched the first wine community, variety advocacy site, which is intended to benefit its members as an added value. For the last seven years, Petite Sirah, with the assistance of the advocacy group PS I Love You, has grown by leaps and bounds, but is still only supported by the […]


Modern Developments: Then | Clipping Services ~ Now | Social Media Monitoring

For years and years I was able to monitor my PR efforts and successes through what I can now call “traditional” clipping services. If anything was written about any one of the brands that I was promoting, my clipping service was vigilant for those names and delivered the goods. From that we were able to […]